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There is no doubt capital is needed to develop these sites to be at par with major tourist sites in the country and as such tackled in the succeeding sections.  Once a private developer steps in, there should be not much of development concerns anymore. Knowing, however, the difficulty of raising capital and attracting developers/investors, only the bare essentials are herein presented with the view that the municipal government or the particular barangay councils would be in charge. This with the hope that when things get going, selling business opportunities in the island will not be that much difficult.

Beaches.  It is very important that we have clean beaches. The municipal government should then promulgate and implement an ordinance prohibiting littering in the beaches, dumping of wastes in the sea, and stray domestic animals (especially pigs).  We can appeal to schools, barangays and non-governmental organizations to participate in beach clean-ups.

The character of a particular beach needs to be defined as attempted in the brochure.  The more character varieties, the better. 

Basically, cottages/kiosks should be put up for excursionists to rent where they may place their belongings, rest and eat.  It need not be too many.  The kiosks may be complemented with foldable beach umbrellas.

It would be better, though not really necessary depending on the chosen character of the beach, to make the following available also, for sale or rent, swimming paraphernalia (goggles, floats, etc.), small sized barotos (good for two or three), food and drinks, some fishing paraphernalia (fishing rod, hook and line, baits), beach balls and even hammocks. Under proper management, these should also serve as sources of income.

Of course, the beach should be manned, even if the other facilities mentioned above are not available, if only to ensure that these shelters are not vandalized.

The development of beaches should be assigned to the Barangay Councils until such time private individuals step in. Barangay councils should be convinced that these would provide opportunities for development, in the long term if not in the short term. Again, given proper management, this can be an income-generating project for the Barangay and its people.

A seminar to expose local leaders and Barangay councils to popular beaches in the country or the world to help them in the conceptualization, to give them basic insights on how to manage the beaches to be financially viable, and to address other major concerns should be conducted. A contest for outstanding beach improvements should drum up action.

Guyangan Caves. Here, the municipal government should take the lead. It should coordinate with the proper government agency, if necessary, to document the caves. Proper legislation should be made to protect the artifacts and other remains found in the caves from being taken by visitors or local townsfolk. Guides, after proper orientation, should be licensed or accredited and should be responsible also in ensuring that the cave’s treasures are not taken away.

Fort San Nicolas. Probably the parish can take care of the documentations and the preservation, if not restoration, of some structures.

Banton as a Diving Site. Banton is already advertised in many diving books as one of the best in the Southeast Asian Region. Only supplemental advertising is needed. There may be a need though to make some facilities or equipment available. We do need to maintain the cleanliness of our waters.  We should also consider the diving sites to become marine preserves.  Anyway, fishermen from other islands are the ones benefiting.

Banton as a Site for Mountain Climbing. Basically, for Banton to gain exposure to mountaineers, we need tourists themselves to speak about mountain climbing experience in the island. It should not be a problem though. There are plenty of mountaineering clubs in the country and they are very visible in the Internet. These groups are usually youth groups and can easily be invited to come and write about the experience.

Other Historical Sites. Basically, what is needed here is the placement of the landmarks with brief descriptions of its historical or cultural value.



Nasunogan Museum.  Once the shipbuilding capital of the province, Nasunogan should be proud of it. A museum about the lansons, batil and other type of boats built in the area, the art of shipbuilding and voyaging, trade route exploits and profiles of known Bantoanon seafarers should make an interesting one.  Maybe San Nicolas Lines can help in the funding.

BMPCI Raffia Production Center. The raffia production center in Brgy. Libtong can be a tourist destination site at the same time – the skillful weaving should provide visitors a taste of Bantoanon culture in action. All it should take are for the workers to wear local outfits, sample exhibits of finished products, displays of documentations of the weaving equipment and the process and probably some history, and an accommodating supervisor more than willing to greet visitors and show them around. There’s one of the same kind in Davao.


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