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For the project to work, the right organization should be in place.  A committee should be formed and maintained to plan, lead and coordinate all these activities.  Subcommittees should be formed as follows:

Site Development Committee.  This committee shall be in charge of the development of the sites as discussed above. This committee should work hand in hand with the Marketing & Promotions Committee to find developers of the site, be it under the government agency or the private sector.

Quality Control Committee. Quality is a primordial concern of tourists.  Time is very important for these persons and get easily annoyed if made to wait. Waiting long for a boat to arrive (for which Banton boat operators are notorious) at the destination will surely piss them off. Overcharging is also a big turnoff. Safety is also another major concern.

The committee shall work on a tourism accreditation system to ensure that services availed by visitors are of the highest quality and efficiency permitted by available resources and integrity.  Service providers like motorboat operators, motorcycle operators, stores, eateries should meet set standards for it to be accredited. For example, for an eatery to be accredited, it should be rated by the sanitary inspector as Class A or in case of a motorboat, it should be clean, safe and arrives/leaves as scheduled. Tourist guides should possess a minimum level of communication skills and knowledge about Banton, Bantoanons, tourism sites, etc.

The committee shall also be in charge of monitoring the quality of service given to tourists. Service providers may lose accreditation if they do not perform as expected of them.

Marketing & Promotions Committee. The committee shall be in charge of promoting the island to prospective investors, developers and service providers.  It shall also take care of marketing the island as a tourism site. It should draw out plans and strategies to ensure that exposure is maximized and tourists are attracted to go to the island.

Activities Coordinating Committee. The committee shall be in charge of preparing the tourism calendar. It should be in charge of coordinating with government offices, non-governmental organizations, private institutions and individuals sponsoring activities/affairs.

Services Committee. The committee shall be in charge of ensuring that service facilities are available and sufficient. The committee shall team up with the Marketing & Promotions Committee in inviting potential service providers/investors.

Special Legislative Committee. A special legislative committee shall also be formed so that proper resolutions and ordinances are promulgated in the Sangguniang Bayan or even in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan fast.

While this can be carried out by the municipal government, help of the private sector is necessary to get things done fast, especially so if we want this done in 2003. Like what is being done during Balik-Banton celebrations, there has to be a partnership with the private sector. It should be noted though that this is a long-term project and is much much bigger than Balik-Banton celebrations. An umbrella non-profit and non-governmental organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission can start this thing out. Silak it Bantoanon, Inc., probably one of only few Bantoanon SEC registered non-profit organization may be used. The leadership has expressed willingness to relinquish their posts in favor of more qualified individuals.

The umbrella organization may recognize affiliate organizations especially those representing the sectors that would directly benefit if the eco-cultural tourism industry progresses like the businessmen, transport operators and service providers. It would be better if they are organized.


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