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Banton has beautiful and clean beaches with varying complexions. The townsfolk have made them nicer with the construction of huts and some facilities and by keeping them clean all the time.

Swimming is great especially during summer. During the rainy season, the waters may not be calm in all of the beaches. During habagat (southwesterly wind) season, it is calm in the following beaches: Togbongan, Nabalay, Sibay, Libtong and Nasunogan. During amihan (southeasterly wind), lesiure swim is adviseable in the beaches of Tabonan, Mainit, Macat-ang, Balogo, Togong and Tumalum.

The beaches are also endowed with rich marine life even in the shallows. Snorkelling and fishing is always a good option for leisure.

Take a look at the beaches below. They are not the only ones though. There are still a lot more!


Tabonan Beach

This beach is adjudged as Banton’s Best Tourist Site in the 2003 Site Development Contest sponsored by Banton 2003. It has a long stretch of fine golden sands. There is an inhabited islet a few meters from the shore. The beach is far from the main settlement area in the Barangay and ideal for those who want to enjoy serenity.  

There is also an adjacent beach, the Siocan Beach, though not yet developed. To reach the beach, it is advisable to take a motorboat.


Tambak Beach


This beach got first runner-up honors in the same contest. Situated in Barangay Banice, it is a beach of fine sand with shallows extending far into the sea. Kids and neo-swimmers will enjoy it here. 

This is more accessible as this may be reached by land.



Nabalay Beach  

Recodo (Balogo) Beach

This beach of fine white sand, situated in Barangay Balogo, lies in the middle of a cove with a near-perfect arc. It is the third-placer in the 2003 Site Development Contest.

This beach can be reached by land or sea.


Macat-ang and Mainit Beaches

Here are where the hottest romance with the sun take place – best for sunbathers. Facing west, sunset is most beautiful here. There are also hot springs in these beaches.

Macat-ang Beach is a cute beach of fine golden sand and is a little far from Barangay Mainit’s activity center.

Mainit Beach, on the other hand, is a long stretch of sand and pebbles and nearer Mainit’s activity center. The church, basketball court, sari-sari stores and other establishments are just nearby. The newly-constructed Sunset Boulevard provides an additional attraction for joggers, bikers or leisure walkers. Perfect an all-around whole day activity.

Barangay Mainit is the farthest barangay from Poblacion but may be reached by sea (motorboat) or by land (motorcycle).


Togbongan Rocky Beach

Togbongan Rocky Beach

This is Banton’s longest coastline.  The shoreline is basically covered with stones roughly the size of a closed fist but are flatter.  The stones are generally smooth and rounded.  In some parts of the beach, the shallows extend longer from the shore.  In other parts, the water deepens early.

This is just beside the Taguan it Moros, the caves by the sea.  You can paddle an outrigger canoe to get into the caves.

The beach is also a good takeoff point to the wall dives offered by the Guyangan Reefs.

The surrounding waters are rich in marine life so don’t forget to bring goggles.  You are also guaranteed of a fish catch if you bring your hook and line.

You might also want to take a side-trip to the Silak Burial Cave, some thirty minutes of uphill climbing away.  The coastline is practically covered with coconut and other trees providing natural sheds for those who just wish to sit back and relax.



Togong Beach

This beach is part of Togong’s business center and is good for an all-around activity.  Fronting the activity center are rocks with pockets of fine sand. Towards north is a long stretch of golden sand and pebbles (the northern part is actually the Cambunga Beach).


Nasunogan Beach

Shallow water extends far towards the sea. A breakwater is constructed ensuring peaceful waters in the shallows even during windy weathers. It is also just in front of Barangay Nasunogan’s center of activity.

A hut is also constructed by the sea connected with a long bridge of bamboo – perfect for hook-n-line fishing.

Barangay Nasunogan used to be the shipbuilding capital of Romblon Province and this beach are where those lanson were built.


Hipit (Tumalum) Beach

This beach is the first beach to be developed. It is stony but the stones are not rough nor extremely smooth. A huge rock formation serves as its southern boundary with some extending in the deep which provides a natural diving/jumping platform.

Situated in Barangay Tumalum, it is the nearest developed beach from Poblacion. To reach the beach, however, one has to walk round fifty meters from the main road.


In the book “Diving the Philippines and Southeast Asia”, Banton is cited as one of the best diving cites in the region.

Quoting Heneage Mitchell, the author:

“The West Side has areas of coral encrustation, hard and soft corals of all kinds everywhere with pennant butterflies, huge groupes, snappers and sweet lips darting in and out of holes and cracks in the reef. Several species of shark and ray are sometimes seen, as are dolphins…”

 “The Northwest Wall easily found by the graffiti ‘Class 93’ scrawled above it is simply awesome, one of the best wall dives you will find everywhere.”

 “On the East coast of Banton, the story is pretty much the same – white sand coves… fantastic, unspoiled diving in coral gardens which reach 20 meters.”

 “The slab, a block of rock in a few meters of water about a third of the way south of the west shoreline has an interesting cave that stretches into the darkness and penetrable for several meters.”

 There’s so much more!  Go a little further from the main island of the municipality to the DOS HERMANAS, two uninhabited islets.

 Please note, however, that there are no diving gears and equipment in the island at the moment.

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