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Subatan Lane

The town’s boulevard facing the rising sun is a long stretch of parks and recreational sites. This stretch is perfect for jogging, biking or just leisure walking especially during early morning and the late afternoon to evening.

At the northern extremity of the town is the Matagar Park otherwise known as the Diamond Jubilee Park. It is beside Point Matagar, a natural monument of rocks regarded by Bantoanons as their lighthouse and symbol of home– unlit yet shining bright in the hearts and minds of Bantoanons. Just beside the park across the brook is the Bangar Tree-House.     

At the middle of the town is the Guest House which is part of Fort San Nicolas. Beside it are the Children’s Park, the public plaza, the Generoso Fonte Memorial Theater and the Yagting Covered Court.

Fronting the Municipal Hall is a tree-park that stretches a long way towards Tampos (the Southern extremity of the town).

The Banton Port is also a good place to spend leisure time. This new port is clean and unlike other ports, it seldom becomes crowded.

Rainbow Park  

Rainbow Park

This is a tree-park overlooking the southern coast of Banton. This is actually the best park in Banton and just along Banton’s circumferential road.

Manamyaw Viewdeck

This offers a great view of the town although it is hard to reach. It is a very good resting place though especially those who trek the caves.

School Grounds

Public school grounds are open to visitors.  In fact, the Banton Central School Ground has been a favorite gathering place during the evening.

Camp Sites

Recommended sites for camping or resting place for mountaineers are Malamig, Pyubanog and Pukanon.


Town viewed from Manamyaw Viewdeck

Zigzag Road to Rainbow Park

Diamond Park, Punta Matagar

Fort San Nicolas Guesthouse and Park

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