is the age-old tradition of sharing food, particularly viand, to one’s neighbor practice by Bantoanons. In recent years, the word sanrokan has been romanticized to mean sharing, in general. This is then a festival of sharing.

The festival is a two-day celebration – it starts during Black Saturday and ends on Easter Sunday.

The festival started in 2003 as an initiative of the Municipal Government and the Executive Committee of the Banton 2003 Project.

The three major activities of the Sanrokan are the Sanrokan sa Barangay, the Hanrumanan (Street Dancing and Cultural Presentation), and the Sanrokan Night. Depending on the sponsoring groups and organizations, other activities are also held.

Sanrokan Sa Barangay

Barangay folks and visitors gather and share lunch at the Sanrokan venue bringing with them food and delicacies they have prepared. This is scheduled on Black Saturday. Sanrokan at Poblacion (town proper) takes place on Easter Sunday.

Sanrokan sa Barangay also showcases native food and delicacies.


Hanrumanan (Street Dancing and Cultural Presentation)

During Easter Sunday, tribal groups parade and dance around the town’s main streets, clad in ethnic and locally-made costumes. After the parade, its tribe presents a local or ethnic practice and tradition.

Hanrumanan (local term for souvenir / legacy), differs from other similar activities such as the ati-atihan because it portrays purely local traditions and practices. Banton is actually known for its rich cultural heritage.


Sanrokan Night

During the Sanrokan night, cultural program and contests are usually staged. It is followed by a public dance ball.