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Other than the caves, there are many other historical sites in the island. You have to visit them!

Ugat-Faigao Museum and Library

This is the home of Banton’s social and cultural heritage. Probably the oldest house in Banton, this Hispanic house of limestone and hardwood was home to the first presidente municipal of Banton, Rufo Faigao, and the nationally renowned Bantoanon poet, Cornelio Faigao. In the museum are collection of native artifacts made of bamboo, hardwood, stone or clay; finely-woven clothing from abaca fibers; weaving paraphernalia; and excavations from the Guyangan Caves – the Banton coffin, skulls and bones, china wares and broken pieces of jars. 
Experience the story behind Cornelio’s “Night in the Small Town”, his most anthologized poem; “The Brown Child”, his winning opus in the Golden Jubilee of the Philippine Educational System contest; and “A Bundle of Love Letters”, one of the best poems in English by a Filipino in the 20th Century.






Ugat-Faigao Museum and Library

Find time to read the works of Cornelio Faigao, Gabriel Fabella (another national figure) and other Bantoanon men of letters in the Library – and discover more about Banton and the Bantoanons. 
Drop by the Novelty Store and take home some souvenirs. 

Fort San Nicolas  

This is Banton’s Intramuros built by the famous Recollect friar, Fr. Agustin San Pedro, otherwise known as El Padre Capitan, in 1621. This served as the local folks’ shelter and defense from raiders at the height of the Moro Piracy. This is originally built of limestone.


San Nicolas Parish Church inside the walls of Fort San Nicolas

This encloses the San Nicolas Parish Church, one of the oldest bastions of Christianity in Romblon Province. The church edifice, itself is one big historical artifact. It is built of limestone and hard wood. Part of the original structures has been preserved including the church’s altar. At the center of the town, the church has also been the center of the lives of Bantoanons who are known for their religiosity. The church has been accredited by Vatican as one of the Jubilee Churches around the world. 

Bellfries at Kampanaryo and Onte

The belfries at Kampanaryo and Onte served as the town’s lookout for Moro raids. The one in kampanaryo is being developed as the Municipal Museum.
Fabella Library

Faustino Fabella Sr. Library

One of the oldest houses in the island built during the Spanish regime, it served as the home of Faustino Fabella, Sr., one of the most illustrious sons of Banton and co-founder of the Banton High School. The house served as the first classroom of the school, the earliest high school outside of the provincial capital.

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