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You have a wide choice of routes going to Banton and back, as follows:

Manila–Batangas–Mindoro–Banton Route: 

This is the fastest way to get to Banton. Catch an early-morning Batangas-to-Calapan trip. From Calapan take a shuttle (FX, bus) to Pinamalayan, then take a motorboat to Banton. Total travel time including waiting time could be between 12 – 18 hours. Batangas-Calapan travel is around 45 minutes if on board the fastcrafts while around 3 hours on board the Roll-On-Roll-Off vessels. From Calapan to Pinamalayan, it takes 1 to 2 hours and from Pinamalayan to Banton 

Manila–Lucena–Banton Route: 

Get to Lucena and catch a motor launch or boat to Banton. This is one of the easier ways. Total travel time including waiting time could be between 14 – 18 hours.  The Lucena-to-Banton trip takes about eight (8) to twelve (12) hours.

Banton Route:

This is the most convenient route. Board a ship at the Manila Harbor bound for Romblon, Romblon then take a motorboat to Banton. Total travel time including waiting time could be between sixteen (16) to twenty-two (22) hours. Romblon – Banton trip takes around 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Calatrava–Banton Route:

This route is quite lengthy. From Manila or Batangas port, board a ship bound for Odiongan. From Odiongan, take an FX / Jeepney to Calatrava and then take a motorboat to Banton.


To Day Vessel/Boat
Pinamalayan Monday Stephen 1
Wednesday BMPC
Saturday Banton Liner 5 
Monday BMPC 
Romblon / Sibuyan  Monday Del Rosario
Romblon  Thursday Kalayaan VII
Saturday Kalayaan IX 
Lucena  Thursday Del Rosario
Tuesday Kalayaan IX
Saturday Kalayaan VII
Sunday Stephen 2


From Day Vessel/Boat
Pinamalayan Tuesday Stephen 1
Thursday BMPC
Sunday Banton Liner 5 
Monday BMPC 
Romblon Tuesday Kalayaan IX
Thursday Del Rosario
Romblon  Saturday Kalayaan VII
Lucena  Monday Del Rosario
Wednesday Stephen 2
Wednesday Kalayaan VII
Friday Kalayaan IX 

*This schedule is as of April 2005 and may change from time to time.


Going around should be no problem. The town is relatively small. You’ll never get lost.

We actually advise you to walk, rather than take a ride, unless it is necessary for you to do so.  Banton is consistently the cleanest and greenest municipality in the province and in the Southern Tagalog Region.  You’ll enjoy walking. 

To go to the barangays or remote places in the island, you have the following alternatives:

By Land: Practically all barangays are connected by the island’s circumferential road. The roads are relatively narrow but are cemented.  There are lots of uphill and downhill drives as well as curves. Some parts of the road are cut off the mountainsides and hillsides and may be scary for one who is not used to such experience.

The motorbike / motorcycle (2-wheeled) is the dominant mode of land transportation in the island. Normally, three passengers, seated at the back of the driver, are allowed. For safer travel, especially if you are not used to such rides, you may ask the driver to drive you alone but for a higher fare.While riding, relax.

You may also take the multi-cab (4-wheeled vehicle). It operates basically like the jeepney. There are only a few units operating however and at peak seasons/hours, it may take a considerable waiting time.

By Sea: There are motorized outrigger canoes for hire.




There is a SMART signal in Poblacion and in many barangays facing east. There are also LIBERTY public calling stations. At the moment, however, there are no Internet facilities.



Municipal Guest House

This is a two-floor concrete house located at the tip of Fort San Nicolas. It has two bedrooms, a garden and a terrace fronting the sea and the rising sun.  

Fadri Residence

This is a two-floor house located at Purok Arlim. It has four (4) small-sized bedrooms. One room is air-conditioned. For reservations, contact 873-99-35.

Accommodations do not include personal amenities (towels, soap, toothpaste, etc.) and food although cooking wares and dining utensils are provided.

While commercial accommodations seem scarce at the moment, this should pose no problem as the Bantoanons are hospitable people and would be willing to provide personal accommodations any time.


There are canteens scattered around the town where you can take or order meals

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