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Date Posted: 3/26/2010 3:41:38 PM


TNHS cordially invites you to be a part of their





Schedule of Activities


Apr. 3, 2010    7:00am                                    Tree Planting   

                                                            Theme: Kausa sa Pagsalba et Kalikasan

                                                            Venue: Mainit, Tungonan, Yabawon, Libtong and Tan-ag


Apr. 4, 2010    10:00am                      Thanks Giving Mass

                                                            Venue: Tungonan Parish


                        7:00pm onwards         Search for the next Tungonan Idol

                                                            GRAND PARTY –Experience the Evolution of Music and Dance (1970-2000)



Exciting prizes and surprises awaits the winner



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Date Posted: 6/4/2009 7:51:29 PM


Experience the re-birth of Asi Music.


Asi? The Concert on Aug. 8


The Banton High School Alumni Association (BHSAA) and Biniray 2009 are jointly sponsoring a concert featuring Asi songs to be rendered by Asi (Bantoanon, Simaranhon, Sibalenhon, Calatravanhon and Odionganon) talents. The concert will be held on Saturday, August 8, 2009 (from 7:00 to P 12:00 PM) at the Arellano University Gym, Legarda, Manila.


1622 - Unang Usbor Band will be the lead performer. Catherine Lea Fietas-Beltran and Al Jandy Fadriquela have signified to participate in the concert. Tickets are pegged at P 250.00 (front seat with refreshment), P 100.00 (back seats) and P 50.00 (bleachers).


Entitled Asi? The Concert, the sponsors aim to attain the following objectives: (a) raise funds for the BHSAA Scholarship Fund and the Medical Mission Fund and for the forthcoming Biniray (b) promote cultural heritage (c) provide local talents exposure to a bigger audience and help hone their talents, and (d) promote closer ties between the Asi-speaking Romblonons.


Go to the homepage of the event.

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Lyndon F. Fadri



Date Posted: 5/6/2009 6:47:00 PM






The Banton High School Alumni Association (BHSAA) is pleased to invite applicants to be the first beneficiary of the BHSAA College Scholarship Grant. (Please se details below.)


Eligible association members should submit an application letter stating why he should be awarded the scholarship, the circumstances that prevent him from going to college and his contact number; and his final 4th-year report card on or before May 15, 2009 to Nick Ferranco (Academic Affairs Committee Co-Chair) in Odiongan, Principal Imelda Fietas / Bert Fadrilan in Banton, Rinzi Fadrilan (Academic Affairs Committee Co-Chair) in Manila or to any member of the Board of Directors. The requirements may also be e-mailed to Rinzi Fadrilan at


The BHSAA will announce the awardee on May 25, 2009. Due to time constraints, we encourage interested applicants to already take the entrance examination. 






Objective: Help poor but deserving BHSAA member finish college.


Funding: Donations, allocations from Committee Funds and 20% allocation from the General Funds


Benefits: Scholarship to cover the following Tuition Fee not exceeding P 6,000 per semester.

  • Enrollment Allowance of P 1,000.00
  • Monthly allowance of P 2,000.00

  Estimated total of P 17,000 per semester.



  • Course must not exceed four (4) years
  • School's full-semester tuition fee for course shall not exceed P 6,000
  • Admitted for enrollment


Number of Beneficiaries:

  • Number of beneficiaries shall depend on the availability of funds

Committee In-Charge of Facilitation

  • Academic Affairs Committee

Selection of Beneficiary:

  • Must be out of school since graduation from high school
  • Must be of good moral character
  • With the highest average fourth-year high school grade among applicants
  • Final selection to be made by the board

Condition for Continuance of Scholarship: No failing grade and incomplete subjects.


Target Implementation: School Year 2009 -2010



Posted by:

Lyndon F. Fadri



Date Posted: 4/8/2009 11:12:12 PM




Silak (Raymond Joseph Fadri) and Pamusiag (Joan Lyn Fadri) placed 5th and 3rd respectively in the MTAP-Metrobank Regional (National Capital Region) Individual Finals held at Stella Maris College on January 31, 2009 ( ). Silak maintained his ranking from the Sectoral Level (Regional - Private) while Pamusiag dropped one place from her 2nd-place ranking in the same level (

Silak is in Grade 4 while Pamusiag is in Grade II.

Silak skippered his team (San Beda - Alabang) to a first place finish in the Team Division Finals (Las Pinas, Muntinlupa and Taguig) while Pamusiag towed her team to a bronze finish. Both their teams qualified for the Sectoral and Regional contests but failed to finish in the medal standings.

The contests end at the regional level.

Meanwhile Silak was the 8th topscorer in the MTG (Mathematics Teachers' Guild) National Qualifying Training held in Ili-ilo City on April 4 - 6, 2009 given to Grades 3 and up. With the feat, Silak will be part of the team that will represent the country in international Mathematics olympiads.


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Date Posted: 1/18/2009 4:19:32 AM




Kusog Sibalenhon, Inc. is pleased to announce the holding of a unique concert, "Higugmaang Rayab-Rayab: An Evening of Asi Music with the 1622: Unang Usbor Band" at 8:00 P.M. on Sunday, 15 February 2009, at the CAP Auditorium in Lipa City.


The concert, the first for 1622: Unang Usbor, is expected to be the biggest social and cultural event for Romblomanons in this bustling commercial and industrial enclave where there is a growing community of Banto-anons, Simaranhons, Sibalenhons and other ethnic Romblomanons.


1622: Unang Usbor is a Banton, Romblon-based musical group that has been drawing crowds for its artistic rendition of traditional Asi music. Its repertoire is completely in Asi, an ethnic language spoken by the Asi peoples who occupy five municipalities of Romblon—Banton, Sibale, Simara, Calatrava and Odiongan, the province's commercial capital.

Famous musical artist Joey Ayala has observed that 1622: Unang Usbor's music has a unique bend, after he listened to some of the band's original compositions, notably Martir, Unang Usbor and Kuto't Baylehan. 

"Asi is an ancient tribe with a rich and unique language heritage. It is this heritage that the concert will highlight, through music. The concert's objective is to instill among the Asi Romblomanons pride of their identity, to reawaken their consciousness about their cultural legacy, and to promote Asi music outside of Romblon," said Nicon F. Fameronag, Kusog chair.

Formed in 2007, the group is composed of Jake Faigao (lead guitar/lead vocals); Bong Faigao (bass guitar); Cecille Fetalvero (lead vocals); Tupi Fedelin (rhythm guitar/keyboard); Archie Faigao (drums); and Andres Fababeir (rhythm guitar and sound technician).


The idea of bringing the band to Lipa City was broached to Kusog by Ish Fabicon, a leading light of RDL-CLEAR (Romblon Discussion List-Cultural, Livelihood and


Educational Assistance for Romblon), an Internet-based discussion group of Romblomanons that has been active in socio-economic and cultural activities in the province.


To bring about the concert, Kusog has teamed up with the Asi Studies Center for Culture and the Arts (ASCCA), another Banton-based cultural organization, Kapisanang Banto-anon in Lipa (KABALI), the Banto-anons' largest organization in Lipa, and the Sibale Academy Alumni Association.


Supporters who have expressed interest to provide support to the 1622: Unang Usbor's first appearance in Lipa are Eutiquio Famatigan, George Famadico, Nico Fababaeir—all Banto-anon leaders who have made names in Lipa City.


Kusog is now accepting reservations for tickets to the concert, priced at P300, P200, and P100, and still welcomes sponsors for this exciting social and cultural event. For reservations, please call 556 17 62 or 0917 623 8842. You may also email



Posted by:

Lyndon F. Fadri


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